A low-cost solution to high heating and cooling bills

Windie was created as a low-cost solution to help you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

By utilizing "Big Data", Windie works with your local weather to help you efficiently use your windows and blinds.

Here's how it works

Your Data

Windie takes note of your zip code, whether you have windows and blinds, what your current in-home temperature is, and what temperature you prefer.

Your Surroundings

Windie works with your local weather to track outdoor air temperature, humidity, wind direction/speed, cloud conditions, and the position of the sun.

Your Notifications

Windie then simply sends you personalized notifications at your preferred time to open or close your windows and blinds to best and most efficiently manage your in-home temperature.

More control in the palm of your hand

Windie provides some great features to help you best control your costs.

Get more with Windie

Customization notifications are sent directly to you with the best times to be the most efficient

  1. You can change what time the notifications are sent to better work with your schedule
  2. Get Current and upcoming weather updates sent to you in real-time
  3. Do you water your lawn? Coordinate your lawn watering schedule with current and upcoming weather conditions

Other household maintenance?

Windie helps track other household maintenance projects to help your costs even more!

  1. Change HVAC Filters
  2. HVAC Coil Maintenance
  3. Change Dryer Vents

The numbers speak for themselves

According to the Center For Climate and Energy Solutions, the average U.S. family can spend $2,000 a year on energy bills, which means ​reducing your home energy use​ is the single most effective way to save money and reduce your home’s contribution to climate change.

Just have a look at the numbers

Minimum Cost,
Maximum Savings





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